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The DS-K1T605 series is Hikvision’s first facial recognition access control terminal embedded with the proprietary deep-learning algorithm. The capability to use captured pictures to build face models makes it stand out among competitors.

Main Features:
  • Facial registration within 3 seconds

  • Import JPG format face pictures with flash disk

  • Batch downloading face pitures into terminal through software

  • Dual-camera with IR function in one camera – detects faces from 1 meter away

  • Detects live human faces and distinguishes them from pictures and videos

  • Excellent performance under backlight, strong light, and dim light environments

  • Recognizes faces within 1 second and less than 0.6-second interval between recognitions

  • 99% success rate, reaching international standards for false acceptance rates (FAR) and false rejection rates (FAR)

  • Supports authentication modes among face, fingerprint, card, password and multiple combination.

Other Highlights:
  • Connects to external card/fingerprint reader to make two-way access control

  • Calculates time attendance in software

  • Connects to security systems to reduce risks and ensure safety

  • Advanced access control functions such as antipassback, linkage, and interlocking

  • Optional 3400 mA high-capacity backup battery

  • Touch screen user interface

hikvision access control_hightlight.png
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