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For Flat

As for Hikvision’s IP Video Intercom System for Flats, the basic components include: indoor stations, (exterior) door stations, master stations, digital decoder distributors, and management software, among others. The indoor station can be powered by - and communicate via - this distributor, which supports Hikvision’s PoE. The indoor station can also be connected to a regular switch (requiring an additional power supply). All equipment needs be connected to the local area network to function, and there are no special connections between devices, making the configuration flexible and convenient. Users implement and manage the intercom system with custom management software, and Hikvision closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) can be connected to the intercom system. The indoor station can be used as a mini-monitor to remotely view the selected IP camera images.

For Villa

The indoor station in Hikvision’s IP Video Intercom System for Villas can be connected with the family’s local area network via WiFi or wired connection. Various sensors can also be connected to the indoor station via wired connections. When an alarm is triggered, a notification can be sent over the Internet. A villa door station can be added to a NVR for real-time recording. When an exterior door station calls the indoor station, the call data can be sent to a phone app via the cloud so that residents can use the video intercom to answer calls and open the door remotely at any time, from anywhere.

Easy to install, Easy to manage

When compared with traditional analog video intercom systems, installation and wiring for digital video intercom systems is much more convenient and flexible. A single network cable provides all the wiring needs, greatly simplifying wiring work. Then, management software can be used across entire system for simple installation and adjustments, making the whole process quick and easy

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Support Home-to-Home Intercom & Three-way Calls

The indoor station functions as a free IP phone and supports one-touch quick dialling to any other indoor station within the same network, providing an additional method of communication among users. Visitors can use the (exterior) door station to call the indoor station. The indoor station can be configured to transmit audio and video upon answering the call. After confirmation of the visitor, the indoor station can be used to open the door remotely. Users can choose to monitor the exterior camera from the indoor station and, should there be a suspicious person, the intercom can be used to warn the person to leave safely.

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High-Definition Video Intercom

Thanks to extensive technical experience with video surveillance products, Hikvision video intercom door stations carry a high performance IP camera with video resolution of 1.3 MP, a wide, 120°-angle lens, and supports wide dynamic range and night vision. High definition video is maintained even under harsh background lighting or at night.

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Video Intercom For All-round Security 

An all-round security solution includes four parts: video intercom, access control, CCTV, and intrusion system. The Video Intercom Door Station acts as an additional IP camera within a connected NVR where recordings will also be stored. An additional video surveillance IP camera can be added to an Intercom Indoor Station and viewed on an indoor panel. The Outdoor Intercom Station supports access control functionality, where multiple authentications can be applied. All access control events, including: card number, short video clips, logs, and others will be saved and an in-out report can be generated for these events. Various kinds of detectors or Pyronix intrusion system can be connected too, with push notifications to a smart phone app which manages the systems in one place. Hikvision’s all-round security can provide the best value solution.

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Flat Interface, Simple Operation

The indoor station’s flat panel interface allows simple operation of key functions which are clearly displayed on the high-definition touch screen. Users can access functions with one touch – no need for in-depth knowledge. Furthermore, through the selection of function modules, size adjustments, interface layout and easy-to-use touch screen, a reasonable interface is provided for the user, improving the overall visual experience.

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Access Control & Alarm Function

This video intercom system is designed with access control functions. Visitors can use an access control card at a door station card reader to gain entry. The door station can issue up to 2,500 cards for each flat or apartment building. All successful entries using access control cards are automatically visually recorded and can be uploaded to the platform centre. Indoor stations can be connected with sensors for eight zones, and residents can use the indoor station for arming and disarming. In addition, alarm data can be uploaded to the platform centre and the master station.

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Push Notifications & Remote Monitoring

The Hikvision IP intercom system supports app access and when the indoor station receives a call, the call data can be sent to the app. The user can answer a call on the app at any time, from anywhere. When a visitor is welcome, the user can press a button on the app to remotely open the door. The user can access the door station camera for voluntary monitoring. In the case of an unwelcome visitor, the user can remotely ask them to leave.

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Easy to Maintain, Easy to Expand

Access control management, alarm management and querying of various incidents can be performed swiftly via software on the IP intercom system. The intercom system can be managed according to the permissions granted to each user. Batch updating can be used to update the device programs, making system maintenance simple and convenient. With its robust IP framework, the intercom system is easy to expand, supporting a maximum of 1,500 device connections.

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